About the Sevenoaks Historical Society

The aim of our Society is to promote an interest in history, covering both local and general historical topics.

Currently we have around 120 members and typically hold nine meetings a year. Our speakers have educated and entertained us with a lively and impressive variety of talks over the years, ranging from buildings to battlefields, Romans to railways, medieval manners to maps, studies of notable individuals and histories of subjects such as the House of Lords, the English language, gardens, gypsies, domestic lighting and ladies’ underwear.  There are plenty more to come.

We have also organised tours to places of historical interest and aim to encourage historical research and publication.

trainA 19th-century satirical print about the railway. The date of this print is unknown, but it probably dates from the 1880s. The implication is that railway travel was slow and unreliable. The opposite was the case. Railways were generally safe, tied the country together, and moved large numbers of people and huge quantities of goods at speed from place to place. Historians argue about how much railways aided economic development, but there is little doubt that they did have economic consequences.

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